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Villa Collection by
The Butler Experience

Villa Collection by The Butler Experience provides a unique and custom-made experience to its clients from all over the world. It is a professionalism that knows no bounds, an expertise in premium and avant-garde hospitality and a special attention to all the details that weave your desires.

Our highly trained L. A’s are backed up by a whole team of experts and a whole network of the choicest contacts to craft the lifestyle you want and to offer you packages designed just for you. Whether you are on a business trip or on holidays, for a corporate event or just to relax, we will meet your every wish for a perfect experience.

Villa Collection

Takes luxury up a notch.

The Butler Experience was our first project and since May 2019, we have contrived to better ourselves and reach an unprecedented level of excellence, making us the experts to go to in the Indian Ocean and in the Middle East, while proposing a new vision of the Butlering world.

While the COVID-19 crisis sowed many misgivings and disruptions in its wake, it also taught us a lot about resilience and about our clients’ foreseeable expectations. It put everything into perspective, and it initiated a more global and innovative concept. Why be limited to only one type of service when we can oversee the whole chain of experience and thus transform your stay into an unforgettable string of perfect moments adapted to YOUR personality and to YOUR expectations? 

The only logical outcome was Villa Collection, a three-tiered concept where our expertise, your safety and social commitment all intermingle. We envisioned this whole new concept to make your dream vacation a reality, where your wishes are taken care of and are anticipated down to the most minute detail.

Our villa packages are carefully designed to ensure the most worry-free experience with the highest standards. Our number one priority: you. Our Lifestyle Architects cater to the discerning traveller seeking bespoke services.

The services we offer are not limited to the length of your stay. Our L.A’s will assist you before your arrival to give you the most unique and personalized experience and will work tirelessly once you are here to live up to our company’s standards. Their dedication is limitless: they know everything there is to know about you and they will find the location’s rarest gems according to your preferences. The end of your stay doesn’t necessarily mean that our work is done: our best elements will remain at your disposal for however long you need them.

Dream big

Drawing on our years of expertise in the field, we strive to make your innermost dreams come true. Whether you would like to delve into the local culture, experience some adrenaline-packed activities or just relax in the intimacy of a top-class villa, let us take care of you.

From first aid, event hosting, personal chauffeuring, household management, Food & Beverage expertise, concierge service to a collection of recreational activities, our L.A’s have been thoroughly trained to be ready for every eventuality.

After carefully reviewing the market, we have put together an extensive repertoire of the best contacts possible for first-rate experiences.

Rest assured that our best L.A’s will accompany you step by step for an exquisitely crafted holiday.

Stay safe

The COVID-19 crisis has made travelling tricky: where will you ever feel safe? At Villa Collection, we have your well-being covered: we have very high health standards, ensuring you the most carefree vacation.

From the moment we pick you up at the airport, you can relax. After an exhausting flight, we will spirit you away to your dream destination into a sanitized car driven by a guaranteed COVID-free driver. By choosing one of our villas, you can be assured you will be staying in a completely clean environment with disease-free personnel, where we let a reasonable amount of time pass between the departure of a previous client and your arrival. After a well-earned shower, we will zip your used clothes into a plastic bag and proceed with their sanitization.

With our strict health protocols, we will provide you with everything you need to feel serene during your stay: masks, hydraulic gel, the assurance of a disease-free personnel, the cleaning of your environment following cutting-edge sanitary procedures.

We take your health seriously: travelling safe has never been easier!

Give back

One of our biggest concerns is helping back whenever we can. By choosing Villa Collection, you will also be an agent of change.

Villa Collection is much more than luxury services: we truly believe in making a positive impact on our environment, whether it be nature or people. This is why we cherry-picked the most sustainable and elegant villas for a better green impact. With Villa Collection, you are choosing energy efficiency, green energy and waste sorting.

One of our other concerns is social commitment. By investing in one of our villas, you will also be giving back to the local community by helping alleviate misery, empower women and support disadvantaged youth.

Make room for adventure.

Book your room right now and start your amazing adventure full of discoveries and experiences with Sochi.

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