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For your organization, partners and clients

The Butler Experience is your global engagement agency that transforms owned insights into powerful, ground-breaking experiences.

Our Lifestyle Architect combines premium hospitality expertise with a Personal Assistant’s level of dedication and detail.


Tailor-made corporate services

We learn about your organization, immerse ourselves and understand each of your clients preferences before they arrive, to ensure that no aspect of their stay isn’t tailored to their needs and persona.

Each and every one of our Lifestyle Architects is hand-picked, singular: they’ve all been professionally trained, excel at a battery of differentiators, assessments, real situational trainings, undergo psychological tests and hold clear morality certificates. 

Ambitious, cultured, self-assured and forward-thinking, our experts are proud to be part of the first butler service to assist your organization, partners and clients for short, mid and long term missions.


Each aspect of our service ensures the highest levels of hotels & resorts customer satisfaction and is tailor-made to match your company ethos, brand identity, and corporate culture.

Need a special resource for a special client at a specific date? Choose amongst the services below, meet us and we will send you our best L.A' for the task!


We manage, socialize, and style spaces. As a property manager or developer your uniqueness comes with THE additional service you provide to your guests or buyers.

As lifestyle architects and household experts, we can help you make your property the best in town: we will be the tailors of your made-to-measure comfort.


Our core business is to create, provide and manage high-quality destination services. We are experts on the ground, with dedicated Lifestyle Architects working and acting as your partners for the well-being of your VIP guests, worldwide.

Are you new to our world? How about a dedicated L.A' to get a flavour of our experience?

Contact us for your next FAM trip/educational tour in Mauritius and make sure that we match your standards.


We are known for delivering a high-standard service to established companies in multiple sectors and areas of the world. Lifestyle Architect sounds GLOBAL and well, that's where we are…everywhere you may need us.

Banks, airlines, airports, listed corporate, small companies….do you fancy a smart, multi-task, smiling and trustful person to take care of your VIP clients or staffs?

We have the right L.A’ for you.

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Robert Fox

Robert Fox

CEO, Head of Community
Kristin Mccoy

Kristin Mccoy

Co-Founder & CPO
Shane Watson

Shane Watson

Chief Operating Officer
Francisco Pena

Francisco Pena

Chief Financial Officer
Calvin Flores

Calvin Flores

Asset management
Kathryn Cooper

Kathryn Cooper


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